Why Now is Time to Pivot Your Marketing Message

Why Now is Time to Pivot Your Marketing Message

I conducted an interview with Allied Member and Founder of Sussner Design Co., Derek Sussner.  Derek and his team help organizations grow and prosper by helping them clarify their message while creating stunning visual brand identities that match the quality of the work they do and the services they provide.  Sussner Design Co. is celebrating its 20th year in business currently, and Derek has been an Allied Executives peer group member for 2 years.

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You immediately pivoted your message and offer to the market in response to the pandemic shutdown.  Why?

  • Investments in our services typically come out of the marketing budget. 
  • When times get tough, historically, the marketing budget gets cut first.
  • Our pivot was to focus on what we could do to help customers – right now – be in position to come out ahead when the upswing returns.

How are you helping your clients and prospects make a pivot?

  • By helping them focus on their message to the market.
  • Leveraging the Story Brand framework.
  • The problems your customers have likely changed.
  • We’re helping clients quickly pivot their message to be in alignment with their customer’s current problems.
  • While helping them build a message foundation they can build on for the future.

There is a lot of hesitation to sell or market to customers and prospects currently.  Can a shift in message help with this?

  • It will alleviate your fears and concerns around whether you should and how to be selling right now.
  • Do not manipulate the current conditions to drum up a false sense of urgency
  • Be the leader in your industry that everybody needs you to be
  • You should absolutely be selling right now, but be thoughtful and do it appropriately

Just changing the message won’t get it done.  You have to do something with it.   How do you help customers generate interest from prospects once clarified?

  • Build a sales funnel.
  • 65% of companies don’t have a specific plan in place to help them recover from the pandemic.
  • If you don’t have a plan, you only have a dream.

What does a basic, successful plan – or sales funnel - consist of?

  • Five components
    1. Brand messaging
    2. Website reflects the messaging
    3. Lead gen tool – every email you capture is worth $10
    4. Email campaigns
    5. Social presence

What are the components of a “good” message?   

  • Powerful answer to “what do you do?”
  • Less focus on “we”, more focus on the customer and how you help them
  • There are three components
    1. The problem
    2. What you do
    3. The results or how the customer will feel after the fact

What’s the plan?  How do you help customers get this in place?

  •  First step is to get the messaging right – we can help you get unstuck.
  •  Second is help you get your website working for you.
  • Third, help you create a lead generator
  • Then we can help you promote through email campaigns and social channels.

How do you work with clients to get these pieces in place?

  • Can do it with you – or for you
  • Three different packages to help you get started in easiest way possible.
  • Sussner.com

How do people get a hold of you if they want to take a next step?

  • Visit Sussner.com
  • Give your email and download our Marketing Checklist.
  • One thing you can do now – get your messaging right.