The Most Profitable Hour

Tuesday, April 26, 2022 from 12:30 PM - 5:30 PM

How Spending More Time on Pricing Can Help Your Business through the Chaos of Large Cost Increases, Supply Chain Disruption, and the War for Talent

About the Speaker
Casey Brown, President of Boost Profit

Casey Brown is a pricing geek and professional speaker. Her passion is for people to be paid well for their excellence. She is the president of Boost, a firm that helps companies improve profits through better pricing. She speaks at conferences, trade associations, and networking groups around the world, and she delivered a TEDx talk with over 4 million views. Casey is fluent in Spanish, is a certified GE Six Sigma Black Belt, and holds degrees in Chemical Engineering, Spanish, and Business. She volunteers over 600 hours annually around the world, focused on meeting children’s basic needs.

About the event:
In the face of unprecedented supply chain disruptions, market commotion, and cost increases, President of Boost Profits Casey Brown will share a unique perspective:  creating an effective, segmented pricing strategy is only half the battle.  The other, oft-ignored half is equipping the salespeople in the organization to execute on price actions.

  • Does your price increase strategy focus relentlessly on value, or do you exclusively scapegoat cost increases?
  • Is the sales team equipped with effective price increase messaging to convey and defend higher pricing?
  • Are you taking steps to calm sales team panic about price increases with current market chaos and upheaval, especially given the risks to sales talent retention?

Join us to ensure price increase execution and success.